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About HeartBit

HeartBit Group is a network and catalyst of previous, current and upcoming projects. Its purpose; to innovate with aid of our members, resources and expertise. We're interested to fusion and create projects to join the HeartBit network, in order to keep the position of original gaming - and for this we need help of our members.

Our vision is to create state of art quality gaming experiences with innovation, management and realism. We believe this is the key to success of the services provided by us, together with loyal administrators, supporters and members.

Historically HeartBit is mainly known for its Garry's Mod communities, which started back in 2011. The most popular was the "Black Mesa: Roleplay" gamemode, and secondly "Half-Life 2: Roleplay". HeartBit has also created "Protect the President", a roleplay gamemode for San Andreas: Multiplayer and the high quality "Sector C" map.

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